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Embedding sustainability in everything we do.

Why Calian CARES

ESG is more than a buzzword.

Calian has always had a strong commitment to social responsibility. We recognize the need to look beyond corporate giving and community engagement to develop a complete strategy related to our socio-economic and environmental commitments, as well as to prepare for future regulation and disclosure requirements.

35+Indigenous community engagements since 2018
364Mbushels of grain protected by BinSense
45%of global workforce represented by women
>275members in 6 new employee resource groups
4268individuals supported by MFDN since 2016
6M+hours of care delivered to 2M+ patients

What is Calian CARES?

Calian CARES is our ESG vision statement that builds on our mission, values, historical commitment to social responsibility and key competencies.

  • Collaboration—Working hard and working together for a common purpose or benefit.
  • Advance—Moving the world forward in a purposeful, innovative way.
  • Resilience—The ability to adapt in the face of adversity.
  • Excellence—A quality, which is unusually good, surpassing ordinary standards.
  • Sustainability—Meeting Calian needs without compromising future generations.

Materiality assessment

In 2023, Calian conducted its first formal materiality assessment of ESG topics to quantitatively measure stakeholder priorities. The assessment will be repeated every three years to align to the Calian strategic plan cycle.

Conducting the assessment

To ensure we are applying best practices in conducting a formal materiality assessment, Calian engaged an independent third-party.  Calian’s goal was to ensure we understood the topics most material to our stakeholders in order to establish prioritized action plans.

  1. Develop universe of ESG topics: Research was conducted to establish a broad list of 25 ESG topics most material to Calian activities.
  2. Data gathering: Calian engaged two groups of internal stakeholders and seven groups of external stakeholders through surveys, and reviewed documentation regarding enterprise risk management (ERM), client requests and investors’ priorities.
  3. Validate and report on findings: The results are summarized in a materiality matrix considering the importance to external stakeholders and impact on the business (internal stakeholders).

Informing the strategy

The materiality assessment yielded 12 topics as most material to Calian, which were used to inform the sustainability strategy, and to articulate the sustainability priorities of Calian to its stakeholders. Strategic differentiators should be seen as top corporate priorities to manage closely for optimization of business outcomes, while focus areas are important topics to take into account when making decisions.

  • Priorities for internal and external stakeholders are aligned, with top 10 topics being the same.
  • 75 per cent of employees and 70 per cent of independent contractors ranked the three most prioritized topics as: business ethics, customer satisfaction and cybersecurity/data privacy.
  • The most material environmental topics for customers were responsible supply chain, waste management and lifecycle management.
  • All stakeholder groups ranked governance and social topics higher than environmental topics.
  • Indigenous respondents, 23 in total spanning all stakeholder groups, ranked two environmental topics in their top three: material use and lifecycle management.
  • There was minimal variance in the response from the different geographies.

Identifying opportunities for action

Calian is addressing the Tier 1 and Tier 2 material topics through several targeted initiatives. We have focused on the Tier 1 strategic differentiators to identify actions in four areas:

  1. Policies
  2. Documented commitments
  3. Key performance indicators
  4. Assigned responsibility
Cybersecurity (which includes data privacy and protection) is viewed favourably with the most robust structure in place. As expected, climate-related risks and opportunities were evaluated as needing improvement, which is primarily being addressed through policy improvements and the planned 2024 climate scenario analysis. The remaining three strategic differentiators were ranked as average to good and will continue to be revisited to drive improvement.

In addition to the materiality assessment, ESG priorities were identified by our operating segments in the three-year strategic plan and are further refined in the annual plan. Climate-related risks and opportunities have also been documented as part of the company enterprise risk management process.

Materiality matrix

A chart showing the different types of business models.


In 2023, we were recognized by several of the industries we participate in.

Best Investor Event (Small Cap) Award IR Magazine Award
Canadian Defence Review Top 25
Indigenous Works Employer of Choice
Microsoft Canada Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Tech Intensity Impact Award
MedHealth Outlook Top 10 CRO Solutions Provider
Cisco Partner Summit Regional Partner of the Year Award
Proofpoint Canada Top Canadian Growth Partner
RCMP Certificate of Appreciation for Health Service Delivery
Microsoft Modern Workplace for Frontline Workers Partner of the Year finalist for Corolar Virtual Care
>$720Kin community investments
Business people working behind foliage in office


As a provider of emergency planning, environmental safety and food safety solutions, Calian understands the significant impacts of climate change on businesses and communities. 

Understanding our own carbon footprint is an important first step in establishing decarbonization plans, enabling us to set reduction targets and work with our stakeholders to achieve our respective environmental goals. Together, we believe we can create a more sustainable future.

People standing around a table with laptops and notebooks, collaborating on solutions.


Calian recognizes our obligations to our people, our stakeholders and the communities in which we work. We believe collaboration is key to positive social impact. We are committed to providing our people with a superior employee experience by ensuring a healthy, safe and engaging environment.

By leveraging our core competencies, we believe we can create a more resilient, sustainable world.

Group of people standing by windows of conference room, socializing during coffee break


For over 40 years, we have continued to grow and prosper. Strong leadership and well-established corporate governance are key elements of our continued financial success. With integrity as one of our core values, we are committed to ethical business practices and transparent reporting. Our board values the trust our stakeholders place in us, which extends to the governance required to integrate ESG throughout our business.

A global call to action

The United Nations sustainable development goals encourage global prosperity alongside environmental preservation, emphasizing the integration of poverty eradication with strategies for education, healthcare, social welfare and employment, while addressing climate change and environmental protection.
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Impact stories

2023 annual reportPDF

This ESG report describes Calian’s journey as we work towards embedding ESG best practices in our business. We developed an ESG strategic framework to help establish key priorities, set targets and drive value for our stakeholders. 


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Terri Dougall

Vice President, ESG & Industrial Development

Calian Headquarters – Ottawa

770 Palladium Dr (4th floor),

Ottawa, ON K2V 1C8


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